Behind the Shutter magazine : 2019 Travel issue


When traveling cross country with my wife Krista I was able to get less than 10 feet from an untagged wild goat and snag his portrait and finally submitted it to Shutter magazine this year and it was published!

Behind the shutter magazine : 2019 Children Issue


This was the hardest photo I have ever had published and it was an honor It was accepted. This image was one I took after the loss of Our daughter Rylee Marie Wark. Art is my way of dealing with things and I just needed to find a way to visual express how empty my life became in an instant.

Features and Publications

Bundy Museum



March 2nd, During First Friday my debut Photography gallery at the Bundy Museum, called #2A: The right to Bear Arms. In the middle of a controversial debate it was a look into the gun owners of America.




One of my favorite jobs Is taking photos for when I am out in the field. I have been featured in several of their adds and media posts. Definitely a great monthly subscription box

Stones of Terrene



One of my Favorite Publications from this year, the cover of Stones Of Terrene written by RJ Metcalf available on kindle and paper back available on Amazon

Elan Vital Veterans issue 2


My series "Tactical Siren" with model Angelic Leona  was published in Elan Vital Veterans issue 2, July 2018.

The Marine Rapper


I had the unique and amazing opportunity of spending the week with The Marine Rapper, for a photoshoot to produce publications and printed material. He is such a down to earth guy and an absolute pleasure to be around.

FTF Magazine


So one day when out caching a Fawn came and laid down next to me and the photo I was able to snag made its way into FTF magazine issue V92 Exotic Cache Locales! 

Lv23 Magazine Issue 7.2


Had 3 images from a "The Crow" shoot gender swapped and portrayed by Angelic Leona published in Lv Magazine Halloween Issue 

American Thug


Ever since I can remember I wanted to be part of the music industry but I have exactly less than no musical talent. So seeing my artwork as a the cover for a Single on Itunes it truly a dream come true. American thug by the Marine Rapper is available on spottify and itunes, Be sure to check it out.

Shutter Magazine September 2018


In the Black and White issue of Shutter Magazine, I had a photo of The Marine Rapper (TMR) published. It was not only an amazing point in my career but an absolute honor working with TMR in the creation of this photo.

Vetrepreneur; Badass Beards


In Vetrepreneur Magazine in thier "Badass Beards" issue My image was used in association with an article entitled Rapping it up which talks about The Marine Rappers career