Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Do you Charge?

I treat every project as its own in order to help everyone stay within their budget. What this does is help make sure you are not paying for services you don't need!!

What Wont you Photograph?

I will consider any project but have 2 general rules. 

1. I will not photograph anything I consider "Pornographic" although I will shoot boudoir photographs I steer away from almost distasteful nudity 

2. I will not photograph anything that promotes hate speech or I consider blatant "propaganda" 

What do you do with all the photos?

I provide access to edited photos to the client without a watermark for them to do with what they want and store them indefinitely on a disk stored away so if you lose your photos I can always provide you another copy.

I will also take several photos from each to be used as sample work while showing other clients. For a small additional fee I will forfeit this and give you full ownership of the photograph.

Do you Offer Free Shoots

In short No unless its for charity.

I do however organize personal projects from time to time and seek out models and other talents who are compensated for their work but I do not usually provide free photography for others unless its for charity, I am always willing to help a good cause!!